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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Diet tips from the experts!

Need to shed a few pounds? Looking for inspiration? Join the club. But what advice will help us find our skinny new selves? Will it be Jane's superbly comical 'don't eat anything which grows underground'? - Yep - it's true. Spuds grow underground and they're just carbs and starch and everything bad (but delicious) and even carrots are full of sugar. OR will we go for the alternative: imagining everything we desire as just a plate of fat, sugar and salt - it's not an aero or bag of crisps any longer - just fat, salt and sugar. Actually that's probaly right - it's all in the visualisation.
We can do it kids!

I'm also mainly loving this beautiful bunch of carrots by artist Rosemary KimBal - www.dancingbrush.com

She makes the sugary carrot look irresistable.

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